Rise to Reign Live

A very special one day mindset intensive on how to clear blocks from your subconscious mind and repattern your nervous system to attract what you want and not what you’ve always had. It’s spiritual, emotional and relational healing along with the keys you need to uplevel in every area of your life including health, love, relationships and finances.

9 - 5, March 10 Phoenix, AZ




  • 9:00 - 5:00 
  • Lunch Included  

Reclaim your power. Breakthrough your limits. So you can live your purpose. In just two days.

We believe that powerful women in positions of influence will heal the world. This event is for you if you are ready to stop playing small . . .

  • Yet you feel overwhelmed, underappreciated and far from your purpose.
  • You've experience some success but for some reason still feel empty & unfulfilled.
  • You feel exhausted and resentful because of the endless demands on your time and your lack of energy to fulfill them.
  • You feel like if you're crushing it at work, you're failing at home (or vice versa).
  • You have an impactful message to share with the world but you lack clarity and confidence and don't take consistent action toward your dreams.
  • All the men around you seem to be weak and disappointing. You often wonder where all the "real men" are because you find the ones around you to be untrustworthy and combative.

It doesn't have to be this way. It's possible to reconnect with your purpose, command what you are worth, have bliss in your relationships and unlock an avalanche of abundance.

During this two day transformational event, our team of coaches and our unique approach to community will help you breakdown old programming and breakthrough limiting beliefs so that you can finally go from constantly feeling like you are not enough to feeling empowered to acheive success doing work that matters while having a sense of connection and belonging in your most important relationships.

You will walk away with:

A completely new perspective on yourself and empowering meanings about your past and your future.

A clear understanding of how to attract the partner of your dreams or deepen your relationship with your current partner.

A plan to achieve success doing work that matters (and you love).

Newly formed, healthy, life giving relationships with like minded women.

Give us two days and we'll reconnect you with your dreams - and yourself.

You will experience the Rise to Reign Sisterhood Circles as well as a simple 7 step framework that is SO powerful it has women going from bored, stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted and resentful to..  

…building wealth…  

...having tons of energy and zest for life...  

...having the men in their lives actually pay attention to their needs and go out of their way to make SURE they are met…  

When they speak, people listen.  

Not only that, but they're finally at peace. More than that, they are HAPPY. They have hope for a bright future and a sense of purpose and ease. They've always known how to hustle but now they've learned how to flow.  

What this means for you is that RIGHT NOW, you can STOP feeling pulled in so many directions…  

…and you can START focusing on the small shifts that make a big difference. 

It's your time.

This is NOT for you if . . .

- You are looking for circumstances to blame or people who will conspire with your limited views of yourself.

- You are not ready and willing to step onto the stage of your life and rise to your rightful place of influence in the world.

- You want to keep plaing small.

About Your Host

Amy Killingsworth is an expert in mental, emotional and physical wellness. As the leader of a multi-million dollar team for one of the world’s top direct sales companies, she has built an organization of more than 11,000 people and is in the top 2% of earners. She has a degree in psychology, is a published author and is the creator of the Rise to Reign and Heart Centered Selling curriculums. Today, she speaks across the country sharing her message of self-empowerment to tens of thousands of women on taking personal responsibility, elevating their identity and discovering their personal self-worth.

Months later ... still experiencing the benefit.

"Rise to Reign Live helped me design a renewed foundation for how I see myself as well as the other women in my life. It is a remembering of who we are, letting go of judgement and victim mentality and truly stepping into the abundant life we were meant to live. It’s the first event I’ve ever been to, where months later, I’m still engaging what I learned and experiencing the benefits of this new mindset." 

Tabitha W. ~ Portland, OR

Expect Miracles . . .

"Rise to Reign Live was life changing. My mind was blown away by Amy's ability to give you the information in a way that will stick with your heart and mind. I left closer to the version of me that I want to become. I remembered Hannah a little bit more. I was changed at the event and the information and inspiration that happened has made major impacts on myself, my family and my business. Expect miracles if you show up open to what can happen.”

Hannah T. ~ Salt Lake City, UT

See you in Phoenix March 10th


We are abolitionists.

10% of the price of every ticket goes to Operation Underground Railroad to rescue kidnapped kids from slavery.

Because no human is property.